Memorial Tributes

This is the Fort Collins Baseball Club memorial page, a place where we would like to remember and honor those that have had an impact on the club over the years.

Ken Buffington

Ken Buffington’s family is Fort Collins Baseball Club’s FIRST 4-Generation Baseball Family!  Survived by his son Gary, grandson Mark and great grandson Logan, Ken was a strong supporter and champion of the club.

Click here for Ken’s obituary in The Coloradoan.


Brian Trimbath

Brian Trimbath was a long time lover of the game of baseball and a strong supporter of the Fort Collins Baseball Club. Brian served as a youth baseball coach and on the Board of Directors for the club from 1995 to 1998, before becoming the assistant coach for Colorado State University’s baseball team. From 2005 to 2007, Brian was the Rocky Mountain Conference Coordinator for the National Club Baseball Association. Over the years Brian also served as an assistant coach of the Northern Colorado Bandits and the Triple Crown Royals.

bkt-hs2 2012

This bench was placed at Larry Walker Field at Lincoln Middle School as a gift from Brian’s friends to his family. The bench pays tribute to Brian, a true lover of the game.

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Harry Troxell

Harry, or Tiger as his family calls him, began his involvement with FCBC at a very young age. The club, then known as Fort Collins Youth Baseball, was founded just a few years after the photo below (left) was taken. Harry, on the left with his hand on his head, was 13 years old and was helping his dad Harry Jr. coach the younger kids. At that point, FCBC was an all-volunteer organization and kids played simply for the love of the game.

As an adult, Harry coached his son Craig through the club, beginning at T-ball until Craif made the high school varsity team at Poudre.  Together, Harry and his son traveled to tournaments around Colorado and to other states.

Harry had saved every uniform Craig had ever worn, including hats and cleats.

Harry was a true lover of the game of baseball and the club thanks him for his years of support and involvement. Read Maggie Dennis’ article on Forgotten Fort Collins about Harry Troxell here. 

Jerry McMorris

Jerry McMorris was a longtime supporter of the Fort Collins Baseball Club. He was instrumental in building Walt Weiss and Larry Walker fields. When we interviewed him in 2011 for FCBC’s 50th anniversary video, Jerry had this to say about FCBC:

“I think it’s a great offering that you have organized activity for kids that are pre-Kindergarten all the way to high school. Learning how to play the game, learning sportsmanship, authority, teammates, all of that is really important, and it’s just part of one of the privileges we have in America, of growing up and help making us all better citizens.”

Thank you, Jerry, for your years of support to the Club, our youth, and the game of baseball. You will be missed.

Click here to read the obituary.