Game Cancellation Policy

Why are some cancellations a game-time decision?

Game cancellations due to any type of weather situation (rain, hail, wind, snow, air quality, etc) are all handled the same way. If at 3:00pm (for weekday games) it is determined that fields will not be playable by game time then the games are cancelled. However, many times it is not clear at that time what the game-time conditions will be. The conversation then goes something like this: “If you think the game will likely be cancelled by rain (because rain is forecast) by the umpire at the field at 5:30pm (game start time), why don’t you just cancel the game in the morning and save everyone the drive?” The reason we don’t “pre-cancel” games is that forecasts are often not correct, and the game is played. If we pre-cancelled games every time there was a forecast for some chance of rain at game time, we would play very few games.

The other factor in game cancellations is that our city is spread out and the weather can vary greatly between a southeast and a northwest field. Therefore, we believe that coaches or umpires are best equipped to make the decision at the field as to the conditions to play the games. We want to play games if possible, rather than pre-cancelling and wishing later we had not. Certainly, with this strategy, it will occur from time to time that trips are made to the ball park and yet the game is not played. Unfortunately, that is the nature of dealing with nature.

Concerning “Air Quality” we use to follow the ozone index if there are fires in our area. If a game has not been cancelled and a family has a child who has respiratory issues, we encourage the parent(s) to make their own decision on what is best for their child.